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Rehabilitation Technology Supplier (RTS)

A Rehabilitation Technology Supplier (RTS) provides enabling technology in the areas of wheeled mobility, seating and alternative positioning, ambulation assistance, environmental control and activities of daily living.

RTS is a description, NOT a title, and it is inappropriate to list RTS after a name as a title.

NRRTS Registration or Registered Complex Rehabilitation Technology Specialist (RRTS®)

NRRTS registration confirms a RTS has demonstrated work experience, received recommendations from professional associates, adheres to a stringent code of ethics and commits to participate in ongoing continuing education to remain a NRRTS Registrant or Registered Complex Rehabilitation Technology Specialist ( RRTS®). It is the first step toward certification.

RRTS® Title Usage Samples

  • Mary L. Supplier, RRTS®
  • Mary L. Supplier, Registered Complex Rehabilitation Technology Specialist
  • Mary L. Supplier, NRRTS Registrant
  • Mary L. Supplier, Registrant of NRRTS

Certified Complex Rehabilitation Technology Specialist (CRTS®)

A NRRTS Registrant in good standing who passed the RESNA ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) credentialing examination and maintains the ATP with RESNA. It is the certification mark of excellence.

CRTS® Title Usage Samples

  • Aaron O. Technologist, CRTS®
  • Aaron O. Technologist, Certified Complex Rehabilitation Technology Specialist

NRRTS Terminology NRRTS Terminology