2017-07-20, Understanding, Evaluating, and Justifying Power Assist Technology 07.20.17

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Lois Brown, MPT, ATP/SMS will present.This course will discuss the design and application of power assist technology, how to differentiate the options and functional application of the devices, and the clinical evaluation process specific to assessing if the individual is appropriate and would benefit from this technology. A functional skills checklist will be presented to evaluate safety, ensure proper training, and enhance justification of the technology.

Learning Outcomes:
The participant will be able to list three functional/physical evaluation criteria when assessing the client’s ability to safely use power assist technology.
The participant will be able to list at least three objective measures to justify the need for power assist technology.
The participant will be able to explain at least three different types of power assist technology and the clinical decision making criteria when selecting the best power assist device for a client.

Lois Brown, MPT, ATP/SMS is a Mobility and Seating Consultant with GTK in Sydney. Lois was trained in the US as a physical therapist and has 24 years of experience as a mobility and seating and AT specialist. Lois has held a variety of roles in the field including prescribing therapist, Director of Medicare review, prescribing supplier, Manager of Clinical Education, and also a Channel Manager of Mobility and Seating for wheelchair manufacturers. Lois has contributed to the design of seating, mobility and AT equipment, as well as funding advocacy in the US at the Congressional Level. Lois has presented internationally on Wheeled Mobility and Seating and Assistive Technology, including International Seating Symposium, European Seating Symposium, CSMC (Canadian Seating and Mobility Conference) and RESNA (Rehab Engineering Society of North America). Lois has been published in a variety of Rehab Publications and is considered an expert in her field.