2017-11-07, Individualized Seating and Wheeled Mobility for the Older Adult 11.7.17

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Deborah Jones, PT, DPT, CEEAA, ATP will present. Older adults admitted to long-term care facilities are often issued standard wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are often issued without adequate assessment leading to suboptimal mobility, function and comfort. A poorly fitted wheelchair can lead to problems such as leaning, sliding, inability to move, decreased sitting tolerance and reduced comfort. To reduce these problems, individual assessments must be considered for the older adult when a wheelchair is required for daily use. Common problems will be identified, solutions described along with special considerations for the older adult. This course will provide information and tools to assist the practitioner to create an individual seated and wheeled mobility device for the older adult allowing freedom and mobility without excess restrictive devices.

Learning Outcomes:
The participant will be able to recognize the need for individualized seating and wheeled mobility
The participant will be able to implement effective methods to reduce physical restraints
The participant will be able to identify wheelchair users in need of intervention
The participant will be able to understand seating as it relates to physiological function

Deborah Jones, PT, DPT, CEEAA, ATP is a Physical Therapist., specializes in wheelchair seating and mobility, enjoys working with older adults. She has experience in several settings from long term care, foster care, and outpatient rehabilitation. She has taught nationally and internationally, in both China and Canada. She is an adjunct faculty member for Pacific University-Physical Therapy School. She has co-authored manuals and DVD’s on wheelchair seating for older adults and has contributed to research in the field, which is highlighted in case studies, periodicals, a chapter in a book and a recent publication on changes in the last 20-years. Debbie lives in West Linn, Oregon, where she and her family own and operate a ranch, which provides boarding and training for horses.