2017-11-09, A Biomechanical Approach to Managing Abnormal Postures of the Head & Neck 11.9.17

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Kelly Waugh, PT, MAPT, ATP will present. Abnormal postures and movements of the head and neck are one of the most challenging problems to address when working with clients with complex postural deviations in sitting. In this webinar, several common abnormal postures of the head and neck are analyzed using a biomechanical approach, including the forward head posture, persistent neck flexion, and lateral tilt of the head. Critical problem solving guidelines are introduced first as a foundation for the specific focus on head and neck postures in the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes. Biomechanical principles are used both to analyze these postures and explore possible intervention strategies. Solutions are presented in the language of features, as opposed to product options.

Learning Outcomes:
The participant will be able to list two important guidelines to follow when problem-solving regarding complex postural deviations in seating.
The participant will be able to identify which direction the head will fall based on the location of the head’s center of mass relative to the centers of rotation for cervical spine movement.
The participant will be able to explain at least one way to manage or reduce a forward head posture in a wheelchair seating system.

Kelly Waugh, PT, MAPT, ATP, is a Senior Research Instructor and the Clinic Coordinator at Assistive Technology Partners, a program in the Department of Bioengineering, University of Colorado Denver, USA. Ms. Waugh has 32 years of clinical experience as a physical therapist and educator, specializing in Wheelchair Seating & Mobility and Nighttime Positioning. Ms. Waugh has served on the ISO Wheelchair Seating Standards Committee for 17 years, with a focus on the development of standardized measures of wheelchair seated posture and seating support parameters. She is the primary author of A Clinical Application Guide to Standardized Wheelchair Seating Measures of the Body and Seating Support Surfaces. Ms. Waugh received both her B.A. degree in Human Biology and her M.A. degree in Physical Therapy from Stanford University in Stanford, California, USA.