2017-12-07, The Pros and Cons of Custom Molded Seating 12.07.17

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Jill Sparacio, OTR/L, ATP/SMS, ABDA will present. Custom molded seating offers many benefits and unique challenges for individuals who require external support when sitting. Multiple factors influence the recommendation of and process for successful use. These include cost, timeframes, team member expertise, individual consumer needs and proposed use. Consideration for use should be given throughout the evaluation process, not as a last resort when all other options fail. This course is going to address the pros and cons of using custom molded seating components from many different perspectives including benefits and drawbacks, cost issues, time frames, and general use issues.

Learning Outcomes:
List 3 benefits of custom molded seating.
List 3 drawbacks of custom molded seating.
Identify 3 scenarios where the use of custom molded seating would benefit participation for the consumer.

Jill is an OT in private practice in Chicago, IL. With over 35 years of experience, she provides OT services to all ages with intellectual disabilities and medial fragility. Included in her consultation is a specialty of seating and wheeled mobility. Jill consults with seating manufacturers often presenting clinical applications of seating and wheeled mobility products in addition to work on product development. She is a member of the Clinician Task Force and has been actively involved in funding and delivery issues on the state and national levels. She presents at seating and wheeled mobility conferences throughout North America and internationally.